Technical Polyurethane Parts

Welcome to EA

Enrique Aguilar S.A. is a company specialising in the manufacture of rigid polyurethane parts and its aim is to satisfy demand for technical parts for short and medium production runs in a sustainable way.

Polyurethane offers good mechanical properties and freedom of design; a variety of large thicknesses can be handled without giving rise to deformation. It provides lightweight
self-supporting and functional parts. Parts with constant thin wall thicknesses can also be manufactured, as is the case with other technologies.

At Enrique Aguilar S.A. we have been supplying housings, casings and structural parts of all kinds to many sectors of industry for more than 35 years, our main field of business being the medical and aesthetics sectors.

We have systems appropriate for both short production runs (with a low investment in moulds) as well as leading technologies such as RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding), which focuses on longer production runs. In most cases, we adapt to the technical, economic and production needs of every project and customer, thus covering a broad segment of the market.

In our mission to serve our customers, our principal values are constancy and transparency. Our strengths are technical skill, reactivity and flexibility, all underpinned by the 60 years we have been in business, making us a highly reliable company and the leader in our market.

Enrique Aguilar S.A. is a trusted partner for life.